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Changing to the 64-bit linker

By default, your installation is set up to use the standard 32-bit version of armlink, even if you are using a 64-bit operating system. A 64-bit version of armlink is provided in a separate executables directory in this release. It can access the greater amount of memory available to processes on 64-bit operating systems. It supports all the features that are supported by armlink in this release. If you have installed the ARM Compiler toolchain on a 64-bit machine, then you can use the 64-bit version instead.


In the 64-bit version of the executables directory, armlink is the 64-bit executable and all other tools are the 32-bit executables. This is because the calling convention between the tools requires that they all be in the same directory. The tools call each other in certain circumstances, for example:

  • armcc calls armlink to produce an executable

  • armlink calls armcc for link-time code generation --ltcg.

This ensures that the 64-bit version of armlink is used when required.

To set up the ARM Compiler toolchain to use the 64-bit version of armlink, add the path to the 64-bit version of the executables directory to your PATH environment variable. For example, on Windows:

SET PATH=install_directory\bin64;%PATH%

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