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Specifying Cygwin paths in compilation tools on Windows

By default on Windows, the compilation tools require path names to be in the Windows DOS format, for example, C:\myfiles. If you want to use Cygwin path names, then set the CYGPATH environment variable to the location of the cygpath.exe file on your system. For example:

set CYGPATH=C:/cygwin/bin/cygpath.exe

You can now specify file locations in the compilation tools command-line options using the Cygwin path format. The paths are translated by cygpath.exe. For example, to compile the file /cygdrive/h/main.c, enter the command:

armcc -c --debug /cygdrive/h/main.c

You can still specify paths that start with:

  • a drive letter, for example C:\ or C:/

  • a UNC, for example, \\computer.

ARM Compiler tools do not translate these paths because the paths are already in a form that Windows understands.

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