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C and C++ library changes between RVCT v2.2 and RVCT v3.0

The function __user_setup_stackheap is provided and gives a code size improvement over __user_initial_stackheap.

In RVCT v3.x and later, the library includes more implementations of __user_initial_stackheap(), and can select the correct implementation for you automatically from information given in a scatter file. This means that it is not necessary to re-implement this function if you are using scatter files.

In RVCT v2.x and earlier, the default implementation of __user_initial_stackheap() used the value of the symbol Image$$ZI$$Limit. This symbol is not defined if you specify a scatter file with the --scatter linker command-line option. Therefore, __user_initial_stackheap() must be re-implemented if you are using scatter files, otherwise your link step fails.

Alternatively, modify your source code to use __user_setup_stackheap() instead of __user_initial_stackheap().


__user_setup_stackheap must be re-implemented in assembler.

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