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4.5.9. MPU usage hints and tips

To avoid unexpected behavior, disable the interrupts before updating the attributes of a region that the interrupt handlers might access.

Ensure software uses aligned accesses of the correct size to access MPU registers:

  • except for the MPU_RASR, it must use aligned word accesses

  • for the MPU_RASR it can use byte or aligned halfword or word accesses.

The processor does not support unaligned accesses to MPU registers.

When setting up the MPU, and if the MPU has previously been programmed, disable unused regions to prevent any previous region settings from affecting the new MPU setup.

MPU configuration for a microcontroller

Usually, a microcontroller system has only a single processor and no caches. In such a system, program the MPU as follows:

Table 4.48. Memory region attributes for a microcontroller
Memory regionTEXCBSMemory type and attributes
Flash memory0b000100Normal memory, Non-shareable, write-through
Internal SRAM0b000101Normal memory, Shareable, write-through
External SRAM0b000111Normal memory, Shareable, write-back, write-allocate
Peripherals0b000011Device memory, Shareable

In most microcontroller implementations, the shareability and cache policy attributes do not affect the system behavior. However, using these settings for the MPU regions can make the application code more portable. The values given are for typical situations. In special systems, such as multiprocessor designs or designs with a separate DMA engine, the shareability attribute might be important. In these cases see the recommendations of the memory device manufacturer.

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