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2.17. Check system settings

It is critical for application performance that your system is set up correctly. Even well optimized applications run badly if your system settings are incorrect.

Incorrect system settings are a common error so ensure you check them. If you cannot change the settings, inform the vendor of your system.

Check the caches are switched on

Modern systems all use cache to boost performance. If the caches in the system are not switched on there is a large performance reduction.

Check the CPU and GPU clock settings are correct

No application can run at maximum performance if the clock settings for the CPU or GPU are not correct. Alternatively, if the clocks for the CPU or GPU are set too high the system is likely to use too much power.

Check the CPU and GPU are in full power mode

CPU and GPUs all have low speed, low power modes that save power when the processors are not in use. For high performance applications, ensure the processors are in full power mode for maximum possible performance.

Ensure the GPU clock is not scaled according to CPU load

If the GPU clock is scaled according the CPU load the performance of applications are likely to suffer. This is because the CPU and GPU might be busy at different times. If the GPU is busy when the CPU is not, lowering the clock of the GPU reduces performance.

Control the clock of the CPU and GPU independently to fix this problem.

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