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3.4.2. About the Performance Analysis Tool

The Mali GPU Performance Analysis Tool is a tool that provides you with information about how well your application performs.

When you run your application on a Mali GPU with instrumented drivers, data is gathered and saved to .ds2 performance data files.

You can use the Performance Analysis Tool to:

  • capture counter data from the instrumented driver

  • save captured data for replay

  • view the contents of the framebuffer

  • display the values of individual performance counters in graphs and tables

  • observe how the values change over time

  • assess the performance of each frame.

You can customise the Performance Analysis Tool so you can view the counter values as graphs and compare them against each other. This helps you determine what factors are dominating performance and where performance bottlenecks are likely to be. You can also add virtual counters that show relationships between values.

See Mali GPU Performance Analysis Tool User Guide.

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