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3.4.1. Taking measurements with the instrumented drivers

The instrumented drivers are a special version of the Mali GPU drivers. These drivers include additional functionality that enables them to record and store performance data. This includes data about how your application is using the OpenGL ES API and the Mali GPU hardware.

The Performance Analysis Tool can analyze the data produced by the instrumented drivers to identify bottlenecks for optimization. See Locating bottlenecks with the Performance Analysis Tool.

The instrumented drivers save the following types of files:


.ds2 performance data files contain the following information:

  • a description of the performance counters

  • numerical performance counter data

  • images from the framebuffer.


.log files list the OpenGL ES calls your applications makes when it is running. You can analyze these to see how many call of what type your application makes. You can use this information to determine if the application makes too many calls or makes intensive calls too often.

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