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1.5. Differences between desktop systems and mobile devices

Mobile and embedded systems must balance compute power, battery life, and cost. This means the following resources are limited in mobile platforms compared to desktop platforms:

  • Compute capability.

  • Memory capacity.

  • Memory bandwidth.

  • Power consumption.

  • Physical size.

Desktop systems do not have these limitations so application developers can have many times more compute resources to utilize.

Mali GPUs are typically used in mobile or embedded systems so it is important to be aware of these differences if you are porting a graphics application from a desktop platform.

Some graphically rich applications were initially developed for desktop platforms and then ported to embedded or mobile platforms. The reduction in available resources means that the application is unlikely to work at the same performance level as it does on the desktop platform.

Optimization enables your application to get closer to the performance level it achieves on a desktop platform.

See Checklist for porting desktop applications to mobile devices.