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8.1. Counters to measure on Midgard architecture Mali GPUs

You can measure up to 50 counters simultaneously on Midgard architecture Mali GPUs. Measure the following counters:

  • Mali Job Manager Cycles: GPU cycles.

  • Mali Job Manager Cycles: JS0 cycles.

  • Mali Job Manager Cycles: JS1 cycles.

  • Mali Core Cycles: Tripipe cycles.

  • Mali Core Cycles: Compute cycles.

  • Mali Core Cycles: Fragment cycles.

  • Mali Core Threads: Compute threads.

  • Mali Core Threads: Fragment threads.

  • Mali Arithmetic Pipe: A instructions.

  • Mali Fragment Primitives: Primitives loaded .

  • Mali Fragment Primitives: Primitives dropped.

  • Mali Fragment Tasks: Tiles rendered.

  • Mali Load/Store Pipe: LS instructions.

  • Mali Texture Pipe: T instructions.

  • Mali Texture Pipe: Cache misses.

  • Mali Load/Store Cache: Read hits.

  • Mali Load/Store Cache: Read misses.

  • Mali L2 Cache: External read beats.

  • Mali L2 Cache: External write beats.

  • Mali L2 Cache: Cache read hits.

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