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2.2.3. Use the correct tools with the correct settings

Using the right tools or tools with the right settings can significantly impact performance. Ensure you are using the correct tools with the latest updates and setting appropriate for your device:

Use the latest tools

Compile your application with the latest versions of your development tools. This ensures your application benefits from the latest stability improvements and performance optimizations.

Rebuild everything after a tools update

If you change tools or versions of tools, ensure you recompile everything so all the software benefits from the changes.

Build for the correct architecture

There are different versions of application processor architectures. To ensure the best performance, ensure you build for the correct version. If you build for an older architecture version and run on a newer version, performance might be reduced.

Use the facilities in your hardware

If your platform has hardware floating point, Vector Floating Point (VFP), or NEON™, ensure the compiler is set to build for it. Also consider using libraries that take advantage of these hardware features.


If your operating systems supports hard floating point, ensure the entire system and support libraries are built to support it.

Optimize your release build

Ensure that for release, you set your compiler to produce binaries optimized for speed. These provide the best performance.

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