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2.3.1. Installation requirements for Linux

The following are required for Linux platforms:

  • Ubuntu Linux version 10.04

  • a minimum of 40MB disk space to install the Mali SDK library and applications.

  • Ant (version 1.8 or above) from

  • Android SDK (revision 17 or above) from

  • Android NDK (revision 7b or above) from

  • Java JDK from

    • The jarsigner tool supplied with Java SE 7 is not usable with the Mali SDK for manually signing non-debug releases.

    • Use the jarsigner file supplied with Java SE 6 to manually sign releases.

  • the Khronos OpenGL ES and EGL libraries (these are included in the Android NDK)


You can use the Eclipse environment, but all of the samples can be build from the command line.

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