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2.2.2. Installation procedure for the Mali SDK on Microsoft Windows

To install the Mali SDK on Microsoft Windows:

  1. Download the GNU EABI Toolchain for ARM Processors (Sourcery CodeBench Lite Edition for ARM) from

  2. Go to the Mali Developer Center web site at:

  3. Download the Mali OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK for Linux on ARM package.

  4. Run the file Mali_OpenGL_ES_2.0_SDK_for_Linux_on_ARM_vm.n.o.p_Win32.msi by double clicking.



    identifies the major version


    identifies the minor version.

  5. Select the required installation options and then click Finish to complete the installation.

    By default, the Mali SDK is installed in the documents folder of the current user. The following sub-folder is created:

    ARM\Mali OpenGL ES 2.0 SDK for Linux on ARM vm.n.o


    • The installer updates the CMake present on your computer to CMake 2.8.5.