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3.5.9. TST

Test bits.





Is the register holding the first operand.


The register to test against.


This instruction tests the value in a register against another register. It updates the condition flags based on the result, but does not write the result to a register.

The TST instruction performs a bitwise AND operation on the value in Rn and the value in Rm. This is the same as the ANDS instruction, except that it discards the result.

To test whether a bit of Rn is 0 or 1, use the TST instruction with a register that has that bit set to 1 and all other bits cleared to 0.


In these instructions, Rn and Rm must only specify R0-R7.

Condition flags

This instruction:

  • Updates the N and Z flags according to the result.

  • Does not affect the C or V flags.


    TST     R0, R1  ; Perform bitwise AND of R0 value and R1 value, 
                    ; condition code flags are updated but result is discarded
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