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1.1.4. Cortex-M0+ core peripherals

These are:


The NVIC is an embedded interrupt controller that supports low latency interrupt processing.

System Control Block

The System Control Block (SCB) is the programmers model interface to the processor. It provides system implementation information and system control, including configuration, control, and reporting of system exceptions.

Optional system timer

The system timer, SysTick, is a 24-bit count-down timer. Use this as a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) tick timer or as a simple counter.

Optional Memory Protection Unit

The Memory Protection Unit (MPU) improves system reliability by defining the memory attributes for different memory regions. It provides up to eight different regions, and an optional predefined background region.

Optional single-cycle I/O port

The single-cycle I/O port provides single-cycle loads and stores to tightly-coupled peripherals.

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