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Linking an object file (armclang)

This example shows how to link an object file with armlink.

To link the object file hello_world.o, enter:

armlink --force_scanlib --info totals -o hello_world.axf hello_world.o 



Specifies the output file as hello_world.axf.

--info totals

Tells the linker to display totals of the Code and Data sizes for input objects and libraries.


Link with the ARM libraries.

The compiler does not include $$Lib$Request symbols when building objects, so by default armlink does not automatically link with the ARM libraries, resulting in the following messages:

Warning: L6665W: Neither Lib$$Request$$armlib Lib$$Request$$cpplib defined, not searching ARM libraries.

Error: L6411E: No compatible library exists with a definition of startup symbol __main.

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