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ARM® Compiler migration tools

Migration tools help users migrate from older versions of ARM Compiler to ARM Compiler 6.

ARM provides the following migration tools:

  • The ARM Compiler Source Compatibility Checker lets you check whether C or C++ source code that compiles with previous versions of the ARM Compiler is compatible with ARM Compiler 6.

    The ARM Compiler Source Compatibility Checker is available separately from ARM.

  • The command-line translation wrapper automatically converts some of the most common command-line options from older armcc compiler versions to the equivalent command line options for ARM Compiler 6 compiler (armclang).

    The wrapper invokes armclang with the translated options, allowing you to invoke armclang with armcc options, as a help to migrate projects from older compiler versions.

    The wrapper is provided as a user-customizable Python script so that you can modify the translation rules as needed.

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