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-finline-functions, -fno-inline-functions

Enables and disables the automatic inlining of functions at optimization levels -O2 and higher. Disabling the inlining of functions can help to improve the debug illusion.

When the option -finline-functions is selected at optimization levels -O2 and higher, the compiler automatically considers inlining each function. Compiling your code with -finline-functions does not guarantee that all functions are inlined, as the compiler uses a complex decision tree to decide whether to inline a particular function.

When the option --fno-inline-functions is selected, the compiler does not attempt to automatically inline functions.


The default at optimization levels -O2 and higher is -finline-functions.

The -finline-functions and -fno-inline-functions options have no effect at optimization levels -O0 and -O1. armclang does not attempt to automatically inline functions at these optimization levels.

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