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Enables armasm to pass options to armclang when using the C preprocessor.



Where option[,option,…] is a comma-separated list of C preprocessing options.

At least one option must be specified.


As a minimum, you must specify the armclang options --target and either -mcpu or -march in --cpreproc_opts.

The input assembly source must have an upper-case extension .S.


Ensure that you specify compatible architectures in the armclang options --target, -mcpu or -march, and the armasm --cpu option.


The options to the preprocessor in this example are --cpreproc_opts=--target=arm-arm-none-eabi, -mcpu=cortex-a9,-D,DEF1,-D,DEF2.

armasm --cpu=cortex-a9 --cpreproc --cpreproc_opts=--target=arm-arm-none-eabi, -mcpu=cortex-a9,-D,DEF1,-D,DEF2 -I /path/to/includes1 -I /path/to/includes2 input.S

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