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MSR (immediate)

Move immediate value to Special Register.


MSR pstatefield, #imm


Is a PSTATE field name, and can be one of UAO, PAN, SPSel, DAIFSet or DAIFClr.
Is a 4-bit unsigned immediate, in the range 0 to 15.


Move immediate value to Special Register moves an immediate value to selected bits of the PSTATE. For more information, see Process state, PSTATE in the Arm® Architecture Reference Manual Arm®v8, for Arm®v8‑A architecture profile.

The bits that can be written are D, A, I, F, and SP. This set of bits is expanded in extensions to the architecture as follows:

  • Arm®v8.1 adds the PAN bit.
  • Armv8.2 adds the UAO bit.