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--fpu=list lists the supported FPU names that can be used with the --fpu=name option.

--fpu=name specifies the target FPU architecture.





Where name is one of:


Selects no floating-point architecture. No floating-point code is to be used. This produces an error if your code contains floating-point instructions.


Selects software floating-point linkage.


Selects the integral ARMv8 floating-point hardware. This is the default in AArch32 and AArch64 states.


Selects the integral ARMv8 floating-point hardware with software floating-point linkage.


Software floating-point linkage is not supported for AArch64 state.


If you specify the --fpu=name option it overrides any implicit FPU set by the --cpu option. armasm produces an error if the FPU you specify explicitly is incompatible with the CPU. Floating-point instructions also produce either errors or warnings if assembled for the wrong target FPU.

armasm sets a build attribute corresponding to name in the object file. The linker determines compatibility between object files, and selection of libraries, accordingly.

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