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Placing __at sections at a specific address

You can give a section a special name that encodes the address where it must be placed.

To place a section at a specific address, use the function or variable attribute __attribute__((section("name"))) with the special name .ARM.__at_address.

address is the required address of the section. The compiler normalizes this address to eight hexadecimal digits. You can specify the address in hexadecimal or decimal. Sections in the form of .ARM.__at_address are referred to by the abbreviation __at.

The following example shows how to assign a variable to a specific address in C or C++ code:

// place variable1 in a section called .ARM.__at_0x8000
int variable1 __attribute__((section(".ARM.__at_0x8000"))) = 10;


The name of the section is only significant if you are trying to match the section by name in a scatter file. Without overlays, the linker automatically assigns __at sections when you use the --autoat command-line option. This option is the default. If you are using overlays, then you cannot use --autoat to place __at sections.