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Command-line options for controlling the placement of unassigned sections

You can modify how the linker places unassigned input sections when using multiple .ANY selectors by using a different placement algorithm or a different sort order.

The following command-line options are available:

  • --any_placement=algorithm, where algorithm is one of first_fit, worst_fit, best_fit, or next_fit.
  • --any_sort_order=order, where order is one of cmdline or descending_size.

Use first_fit when you want to fill regions in order.

Use best_fit when you want to fill regions to their maximum.

Use worst_fit when you want to fill regions evenly. With equal sized regions and sections worst_fit fills regions cyclically.

Use next_fit when you need a more deterministic fill pattern.

If the linker attempts to fill a region to its limit, as it does with first_fit and best_fit, it might overfill the region. This is because linker-generated content such as padding and veneers are not known until sections have been assigned to .ANY selectors. If this occurs you might see the following error:

Error: L6220E: Execution region regionname size (size bytes) exceeds limit (limit bytes).

The --any_contingency option prevents the linker from filling the region up to its maximum. It reserves a portion of the region's size for linker-generated content and fills this contingency area only if no other regions have space. It is enabled by default for the first_fit and best_fit algorithms, because they are most likely to exhibit this behavior.