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--debug, --no_debug

Controls the generation of debug information in the output file.


Debug information includes debug input sections and the symbol/string table.

Use --no_debug to exclude debug information from the output file. The resulting ELF image is smaller, but you cannot debug it at source level. The linker discards any debug input section it finds in the input objects and library members, and does not include the symbol and string table in the image. This only affects the image size as loaded into the debugger. It has no effect on the size of any resulting binary image that is downloaded to the target.

If you are using --partial the linker creates a partially-linked object without any debug data.


Do not use the armlink --no_debug option if you want to use the fromelf --fieldoffsets option on the image. The fromelf --fieldoffsets functionality requires that the object or image file has debug information.


The default is --debug.

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