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Use this option to identify the toolkit variant you are using when you have to manually configure your environment.





is the type of license to use. This corresponds to the prefix used by the license features in your license file up to the first '_' character. For example, if your license file contains a feature named ds5eval_compiler6 then specify the --tool_variant=ds5eval option.

When you run armlink within Eclipse, the provided DS-5 Command Prompt on Windows, or the suite_exec shell on Linux then all license managed components pick up the license and toolkit settings correctly.

If you use a different console then you must configure the tools manually. To do this:

  1. Set the environment variable ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE to point at your license file.

  2. Pass the --tool_variant=toolkit option on each invocation.


You can set the environment variable ARMCOMPILER6_FROMELFOPT to pass this option automatically. For example, ARMCOMPILER6_FROMELFOPT=--tool_variant=ds5eval.

Failure to set either the license location or the --tool_variant option can result in an error of the following form:

error: License checkout for feature feature was denied...

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