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This option enables you to specify one of the supplied algorithms for RW data compression. If you do not specify a data compression algorithm, the linker chooses the most appropriate one for you automatically. In general, it is not necessary to override this choice.


Not supported for AArch64 state.



Where opt is one of the following:


Enables RW data compression to minimize ROM size.


Disables RW data compression.


Lists the data compressors available to the linker.


id is a data compression algorithm:

Table 2. Data compressor algorithms
idCompression algorithm
0run-length encoding
1run-length encoding, with LZ77 on small-repeats
2complex LZ77 compression

Specifying a compressor adds a decompressor to the code area. If the final image does not have compressed data, the decompressor is not added.


The default is --datacompressor=on.