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Overview of via files

Via files are plain text files that allow you to specify command-line arguments and options for the armasm, armlink, fromelf, and armar tools.

Typically, you use a via file to overcome the command-line length limitations. However, you might want to create multiple via files that:

  • Group similar arguments and options together.
  • Contain different sets of arguments and options to be used in different scenarios.


In general, you can use a via file to specify any command-line option to a tool, including --via. Therefore, you can call multiple nested via files from within a via file.

Via file evaluation

When you invoke the armasm, armlink, fromelf, or armar, the tool:

  1. Replaces the first specified --via via_file argument with the sequence of argument words that are extracted from the via file, including recursively processing any nested --via commands in the via file.

  2. Processes any subsequent --via via_file arguments in the same way, in the order they are presented.

That is, via files are processed in the order that you specify them. Each via file is processed completely, including any nested via files contained in that file, before processing the next via file.

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