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AMBA-PV components - about

The AMBA-PV components and protocols permit you to model a platform that interfaces with an ARM® AMBA®-based system.

The system is modeled using Accellera Systems Initiative Transaction Level Modeling (ASI TLM) at Programmer’s View (PV) level using the SystemC Export functionality of System Canvas.

These ready-to-use components provide you with conversions between PVBus and AMBAPV protocols, and between Signal and AMBAPVSignal protocols, StateSignal and AMBAPVSignalState, Value(_64) and AMBAPVValue(64), and ValueState(_64) and AMBAPVValueState(64) protocols. There are examples of use of the AMBA-PV components in %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\SystemCExport. On Linux, the examples can be found in $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport.

The protocols and components are designed to interface with the AMBA TLM PV library for ASI TLM 2.0. Fast Models provides this library as a standard way of mapping the AMBA protocol on top of ASI TLM 2.0.2 kit at PV level.

For more information about the AMBA TLM PV library for ASI TLM 2.0.2 kit, see the Fast Models documentation in %MAXCORE_HOME%\AMBA-PV\doc. On Linux, use the $MAXCORE_HOME environment variable instead.

For more information about ASI TLM 2.0, see the Accellera documentation provided with the kit.