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PL370_HDLCD - registers

This section describes the registers.

Table 1. PL370_HDLCD registers
Name Offset Access Description
VERSION 0000 Read only Version Register
INT_RAWSTAT 0010 Read/write Interrupt Raw Status Register
INT_CLEAR 0014 Write only Interrupt Clear Register
INT_MASK 0018 Read/write Interrupt Mask Register
INT_STATUS 001C Read only Interrupt Status Register
FB_BASE 0100 Read/write Frame Buffer Base Address Register
FB_LINE_LENGTH 0104 Read/write Frame Buffer Line Length Register
FB_LINE_COUNT 0108 Read/write Frame Buffer Line Count Register
FB_LINE_PITCH 010C Read/write Frame Buffer Line Pitch Register
BUS_OPTIONS 0110 Read/write Bus Options Register
V_SYNC 0200 Read/write Vertical Synch Width Register
V_BACK_PORCH 0204 Read/write Vertical Back Porch Width Register
V_DATA 0208 Read/write Vertical Data Width Register
V_FRONT_PORCH 020C Read/write Vertical Front Porch Width Register
H_SYNC 0210 Read/write Horizontal Synch Width Register
H_BACK_PORCH 0214 Read/write Horizontal Back Porch Width Register
H_DATA 0218 Read/write Horizontal Data Width Register
H_FRONT_PORCH 021C Read/write Horizontal Front Porch Width Register
POLARITIES 0220 Read/write Polarities Register
COMMAND 0230 Read/write Command Register
PIXEL_FORMAT 0240 Read/write Pixel Format Register
RED_SELECT 0244 Read/write Color Select Registers
GREEN_SELECT 0248 Read/write Color Select Registers
BLUE_SELECT 024C Read/write Color Select Registers