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VE_SysRegs - registers

This section describes the configuration registers.

Table 1. VE_SysRegs registers
Name Offset Access Description
SYS_ID 00 Read/write System identity.
SYS_SW 04 Read/write Bits[7:0] map to switch S6.
SYS_LED 08 Read/write Bits[7:0] map to user LEDs.
SYS_100HZ 24 Read only 100Hz counter.
SYS_FLAGS 30 Read/write General purpose flags.
SYS_FLAGSCLR 34 Write only Clear bits in general purpose flags.
SYS_NVFLAGS 38 Read/write General purpose non-volatile flags.
SYS_NVFLAGSCLR 3C Write only Clear bits in general purpose non-volatile flags.
SYS_MCI 48 Read only MCI.
SYS_FLASH 4C Read/write Flash control.
SYS_CFGSW 58 Read/write Boot select switch.
SYS_24MHZ 5C Read only 24MHz counter.
SYS_MISC 60 Read/write Miscellaneous control flags.
SYS_DMA 64 Read/write DMA peripheral map.
SYS_PROCID0 84 Read/write Processor ID.
SYS_PROCID1 88 Read/write Processor ID.
SYS_CFGDATA A0 Read/write Data to be read/written from/to motherboard controller.
SYS_CFGCTRL A4 Read/write Control data transfer to motherboard controller.
SYS_CFGSTAT A8 Read/write Status of data transfer to motherboard.

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