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Base Platform - clocks

This section describes the clock frequencies of the Base Platform peripherals.

Table 1. Peripheral clock frequencies in the Base Platform
Device Clock
Clusters 100MHz
REFCLK CNTControl, Generic Timer 100MHz
AP_REFCLK CNTCTL, Generic Timer 100MHz
Dual-Timer 0-1, SP804 35MHz
VE system registers 24MHz
UART 0-3, PL011 24MHz
KMI 0-1, PL050 24MHz
MCI, PL180 24MHz
AACI, PL041 24MHz
Ethernet, SMSC 91C111 24MHz
Watchdog, SP805 24MHz
Color LCD Controller, PL111 23.75MHz
HD LCD Controller, PL370 10MHz
Trusted Watchdog, SP805 32.768 kHz
Real-time Clock, PL031 1Hz