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DP500 - about

This component is a model of r1p0 of the DP500 Display Processor, with basic support for the display and scaling engines. Connect it to a visualization component to view LCD output.

It is a C++ component with a LISA wrapper.

It passes tests as part of a booting Android kernel and running under the control of the official DP500 drivers.


  • All RGB and YUV format parsing, except for the ARM Frame Buffer Compression (AFBC) formats.
  • Color adjustment in Display Engine (DE).
  • Nearest neighbor scaling.
  • All layers.
  • Alpha blending.
  • Memory writeback.
  • Inverse gamma adjustment.
  • Basic layer (overlay) and register security semantics.


  • No support for polyphase scaling algorithm, only support for nearest neighbor.
  • No support for 3D or interlaced video.
  • No QoS support.
  • No support for image enhancing functionality in the Scaling Engine (SE).
  • No AFBC support.
  • No dithering support.
  • Power/test modes are modeled only as register state changes.
  • No chroma keying support.
  • No gamma adjustment support.
  • No support for the YUV420p2 format as an output format.
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