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MMC - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

The parameters permit configuration of a number of attributes reflected in the CID and CSD registers. You can customize the component further by modifying the MMC model source code directly.

Table 1. MMC parameters
Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
card_type string 'SD', 'eMMC' 'SD' The card is eMMC (MMCA v4.4) or SD (v3.31).
force_sector_addressing bool true, false false Use sector addressing not byte addressing even if p_mmc_file is a file <2GB in size.
p_diagnostics int 0-4 0 Level of diagnostics printed to stdout on MMC accesses: 0 none, 4 many.
p_fast_access bool true, false true Complete MMC-card block reads and writes as fast as possible, or simulate a delay.
p_mmc_file string Valid filename 'mmc.dat' File for the MMC component backing store.
p_prodName string Six character string 'ARMmmc' Card ID product name.
p_prodRev int - 1 Card ID product revision.
p_manid int - 2 1 Card ID manufacturer ID.
p_OEMid int - 0000 Card ID OEM ID.
p_sernum int - CA4D0001 Card serial number.


This is equivalent to ‘Sandisk’.