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TelnetTerminal - about

This component permits UART data to transfer between a SerialData port and a TCP/IP socket on the host.

When the simulation is started and the TelnetTerminal component is enabled, the component opens a server (listening) socket on a TCP/IP port. This is port 5000 by default.

Data written to the SerialData port is transmitted over the network socket. When data becomes available on the network socket, the TelnetTerminal component buffers the data. The data can then be read from SerialData.

If there is no connection to the network socket when the first data access is made, a host telnet session is automatically started. Prior to this first access, you can connect a client of your choice to the network socket. If the connection between the TelnetTerminal component and the client is broken at any time, the port is re-opened, permitting you to make another client connection.

This is a C++ component.