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TelnetTerminal - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 1. TelnetTerminal parameters
Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
mode string telnet 1, raw 2 telnet Terminal operation mode.
quiet bool true, false false Avoid output on stdout or stderr.
start_port int - 5000 Telnet TCP port number, of the port for the terminal when the system starts. If this port is not free, the port value is incremented by 1 until a free port is found.
start_telnet bool true, false true Enable terminal when the system starts.

1 In telnet mode, this component supports a subset of the telnet protocol defined in RFC 854.2 In raw mode, this component does not interpret or modify the byte stream contents. This permits a debugger connection, for example, to connect a gdb client to a gdbserver running on the target operating system.