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VE_SysRegs - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 1. VE_SysRegs parameters
Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
exit_on_shutdown bool true, false false Used to shut down the system. When true, if software uses the SYS_CFGCTRL function SYS_CFG_SHUTDOWN, then the simulator shuts down and exits.1
sys_proc_id0 int 0c000000 0c000000 Processor ID register at CoreTile Express Site 1.
sys_proc_id1 int ff000000 ff000000 Processor ID at CoreTile Express Site 2.
tilePresent bool true, false true Tile fitted.
user_switches_value int 0 0 User switches.


For more information on the SYS_CFGCTRL function values, see the Motherboard Express μATX V2M-P1 Technical Reference Manual.

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