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GIC500Distributor - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 1. GIC500Distributor parameters
Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
cpu_affinities string - "" Processing element affinity.
cpus_per_cluster_n int 1-8 1 Number of cores in cluster n. 0 <= n <=31.
delay_ITS_accesses bool true, false true Delay accesses from the ITS until the architecture specification requires it to be complete.
delay_redistributor_accesses bool true, false true Delay memory accesses from the redistributor until GICR_SYNCR is read.
enable_protocol_checking bool true, false false Enables protocol checking at core interface.
enabled bool true, false true Enable GICv3 functionality, when false the component is inactive.
gicd_alias uint64_t - 2c001000 Additional 4KB page in memory for alias of GICD registers.
gicv2_only bool true, false false If true, pretend to be a GICv2 system.
has_two_security_states bool true, false true If true, has two security states.
itargets_razwi bool true, false false Implement GICD_ITARGETSRn registers as RAZ/WI.
its_count int 0-1 1 Number of ITS components.
its_device_bits int 3-20 16 Number of bits supported for ITS device IDs.
its_entry_size int 1-1024 8 Number of bytes required to store each entry in the ITT tables.
ITS_threaded_command_queue bool true, false true Enable execution of ITS commands in a separate thread, which cosimulation sometimes requires.
its0_base uint64_t 0 - ffffffffFFFFFFFF 0 Register base address for ITS0 (automatic if 0).
non_ARE_core_count int 1-8 8 Maximum number of non-ARE cores; normally used to pass the cluster-level NUM_CORES parameter to the top-level redistributor.
num_clusters int 1-32 1 Number of clusters.
pa_size int 32-48 48 Number of valid bits in physical address.
processor_numbers string - "" Specify processor numbers (as appear in GICR_TYPER) in the form,, ...). By default, processor numbers start at 0.
reg_base uint64_t - 2c010000 Base for decoding GICv3 registers.
reg_base_per_redistributor string - "" Base address for each redistributor in the form ','.1
spi_count int 0-988 224 Number of implemented SPIs.

1 Specify all redistributors. This overrides the reg_base parameter (except that the top-level redistributor still uses reg_base).