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MMU_400 - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 1. MMU_400 parameters
Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
always_secure_ssd_indices string - "" Non-programmable SSD_Indexes that are always Secure, for example 0, 6, 35-64.
cfg_cttw bool true, false true Perform coherent page table walks.
labelN_read_ssd int 0-65535 0 Label N: read SSD or SSD_Index.
labelN_read_stream_id int 0-65535 0 Label N: read StreamID.
labelN_write_ssd int 0-65535 0 Label N: write SSD or SSD_Index.
labelN_write_stream_id int 0-65535 0 Label N: write StreamID.
number_of_contexts int 1-8 8 Number of context banks.
number_of_smrs int 2-32 32 Number of stream match registers.
percent_tlbstatus_commits int 0-100 10 Percentage of time that a poll of TLBSTATUS commits the TLBI commands.
programmable_non_secure_by_default_ssd_indices string - "" Programmable SSD_Indexes that are Non-secure by default, for example 0, 6, 35-84.
programmable_secure_by_default_ssd_indices string - "" Programmable SSD_Indexes that are Secure by default, for example 0, 6, 35-84.
ptw_has_separate_port bool true, false true Page table walks use the pvbus_ptw_m port.
pvbus_m_is_ace_lite bool true, false true Downstream port pvbus_m is ACE-Lite.
stream_id_width int 0-15 6 StreamID bit width.
tlb_depth int 0-2048 64 TLB depth. Zero means infinite.
use_label_mapping bool true, false true

Configure derivation of StreamIDs and SSD_Indexes from transaction attributes.

Treat the top 16 bits of transaction MasterID attributes as a label number that is mapped to a StreamID and SSD_Index using the labelN parameters. The MMU_400 does not use the bottom 16 bits.
Treat the top 16 bits of the MasterID attributes as StreamID and the bottom 16 bits encode either the SSD_Index or the SSD state directly according to the use_ssd_determination_table parameter.
use_ssd_determination_table bool true, false true
Encode SSD data as SSD_Index.
Treat SSD data as SSD state directly, where zero is Secure and nonzero is Non-secure.