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Class VisPushButtonRegion : public VisRegion

This class defines a region of the visualization window that represents a clickable button.

Optionally, the button can provide different VisBitmap representations for a button-up and a button-down graphic, and a graphic to use when the mouse pointer rolls over the button.

In addition to the public method defined in VisRegion, this class defines these methods:

void setButtonUpImage(VisBitmap *bmpUp) : void
setButtonDownImage(VisBitmap *bmpDown) : void
setButtonRollOverImage(VisBitmap *bmpRollover)

Sets the graphics to be used for each of the button states. If any image is not specified or is set to NULL, then the corresponding area of the visualization background image is used.

The VisPushButtonRegion takes a copy of the VisBitmap, so the client can safely call Visualisation::releaseBitmap() on its copy.

void setKeyCode(int code)
This sets the code for the keypress event that is generated when the button is pressed or released.
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