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Class VisRenderRegion : public VisRegion

This class defines a region of the visualization window that can render client-drawn graphics, including a representation of the contents of an LCD.

In addition to the public method defined in VisRegion, the class defines these methods:

VisRasterLayout const *lock()
Locks the region for client rendering. While the buffer is locked, the client can modify the pixel data for the buffer. You must not call the methods writeText() and renderBitmap() while the buffer is locked.
void unlock()
Releases the lock on the render buffer, permitting the buffer to be updated on screen.
void update(int left, int top, unsigned int width, unsigned int height)
Causes the specified rectangle to be drawn to the GUI.
int writeText(const char *text, int x, int y)
Renders the given ASCII text onto an unlocked VisRenderRegion. The return value is the x co-ordinate of the end of the string. The default font is 8 pixels high, and cannot be changed.
void renderBitmap(VisBitmap *bitmap, int x, int y)
Draws a bitmap onto an unlocked VisRenderRegion.
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