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Struct VisPixelFormat

This struct specifies the format of pixel data within the buffer.

The members are:

uint32_t rbits, gbits, bbits
The number of bits per color channel.
uint32_t roff, goff, boff
The offset within the pixel data value for the red/green/blue channels.
uint32_t pbytes
The size of a single pixel, in bytes.

format.pbytes specifies the number of bytes that make up the data for a single pixel. These bytes represent a single pixel value, stored in host-endian order. The pixel value contains a number of the form (R<<format.roff) + (G<<format.goff) + (B<<format.boff), where (R,G,B) represents the values of the color channels for the pixel, containing values from 0 up to (1<<format.rbits), (1<<format.gbits), (1<<format.bbits).

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