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BP141_TZMA component

This section describes the BP141_TZMA component.

BP141_TZMA - about

This LISA+ component is a model of the ARM PrimeCell Infrastructure AMBA 3 AXI TrustZone Memory Adapter (BP141).

It permits a single physical memory cell of up to 2MB to be shared between a secure and non-secure storage area. The partitioning between these areas is flexible.

This component routes transactions according to the:

  • Memory region that they are attempting to access.
  • Security mode of the transaction.

The BP141_TZMA fixes the base address of the secure region to the base address of the decode space. It uses the R0SIZE[9:0] input to configure the size of the secure region in 4KB increments up to a maximum of 2MB.

TZMEMSIZE is the maximum addressing range of the memory as defined by that parameter. By default, TZMEMSIZE is set to 2MB. AxADDR is the offset address that the transactions want to access.

Table 4-30 BP141_TZMA security control

AxADDR Memory Region Non-secure Transfer Secure Transfer
AxADDR < R0Size Secure, R0 Illegal Legal
R0SIZE <= AxADDR and AxADDR < TZMEMSIZE Non-secure, R1 Legal Legal
AxADDR => TZMEMSIZE No access Illegal Illegal

BP141_TZMA - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-31 BP141_TZMA ports

Name Protocol Type Description
R0Size Value Slave A software interface that is driven from the TrustZone Protection Controller (TZPC), setting the secure region size by bits[9:0].
pvbus PVBus Slave Slave port for connection to PV bus master/decoder
pv_output PVBus Master Routed PVBus output

BP141_TZMA - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 4-32 BP141_TZMA parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
TZMEMSIZE uint32_t - 0x200000 Sets the maximum size of the addressable memory. ARM deprecates this parameter.
TZSEGSIZE uint32_t Multiples of 4096 4096 Configures the size of the region allocated for secure access for each increment of the R0Size value.
TZSECROMSIZE uint32_t - 0x200 Configures the initial region configuration value so that an external secure control is not required.

BP141_TZMA - verification and testing

This component passes tests separately by using its own test suite and as part of the VE example system by using VE test suites and by booting operating systems.