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VE memory map for Cortex-R series

The Versatile Express RS1 memory map with the RS2 extensions is the base of the global memory map for the Cortex-R series platform model.

Table 7-5 Memory map

Memory Modeled Address range
DRAM Yes 0x00000000–0x03FFFFFF
FLASH0 Yes 0x40000000–0x43FFFFFF
FLASH1 Yes 0x44000000–0x47FFFFFF
PSRAM Yes 0x48000000–0x4BFFFFFF
Reserved (CS4) No 0x4C000000–0x4FFFFFFF
Peripherals. See below. Yes 0xA0000000–0x01FFFFFF
RAM No 0x40000000–0xBBFFFFFF

Table 7-6 Peripheral memory map

Peripheral Modeled Address range
PL111 CLCD Yes 0xA0000000-0xA0010000
PL390 GIC CPU Interface Yes 0xAE000000-0xAE000FFF
PL390 GIC Distributor Yes 0xAE001000-0xAE001FFF
PL041 AACI Yes 0xB0040000-0xB004FFFF
PL180 MCI Yes 0xB0050000-0xB00fFFFF
PL050 KMI0 Yes 0xB0060000-0xB006FFFF
PL050 KMI1 Yes 0xB0070000-0xB007FFFF
PL011 UART0 Yes 0xB0090000-0xB009FFFF
PL011 UART1 Yes 0xB00A0000-0xB00AFFFF
PL011 UART2 Yes 0xB00B0000-0xB00BFFFF
PL011 UART3 Yes 0xB00C0000-0xB00CFFFF
VFS2 Yes 0xB00D0000-0xB00DFFFF
SP805 WATCHDOG Yes 0xB00F0000-0xB00FFFFF
TIMER_0_1 Yes 0xB0110000-0xB011FFFF
TIMER_2_3 Yes 0xB0120000-0xB012FFFF
PL031 Real Time Clock Yes 0xB0170000-0xB017FFFF
Compact Flash No 0xB01A0000-0xB01AFFFF
PL011 UART4 Yes 0xB01B0000-0xB01BFFFF
RAM No 0xB01F0000-0xB01FFFFF
USB No 0xBD000000-0xBDFFFFFF
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