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VEVisualisation - parameters

This section describes the configuration parameters.


Setting the rate_limit-enable parameter to true (the default) prevents the simulation from running too fast on fast workstations and enables timing loops and mouse actions to work correctly. However, it reduces the overall simulation speed. If your priority is high simulation speed, set rate_limit-enable to false.

Table 7-12 VEVisualisation parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
cluster0_name string - Cluster0 Label for cluster 0 performance values.
cluster1_name string - Cluster1 Label for cluster 1 performance values.
cpu_name string -   Processor name displayed in window title.
daughter_led_count int 0-32 0 Set to nonzero to display up to 32 LEDs. See daughter_leds port.
daughter_user_switch_count int 0-32 0 Set this parameter to display up to 32 switches. See daughter_user_switches port.
disable_visualisation bool true, false false Disable the VEVisualisation component on model startup.
rate_limit-enable bool true, false true Restrict simulation speed so that simulation time more closely matches real time rather than running as fast as possible.
recorder.checkInstructionCount bool true, false true Check instruction count in recording file against actual instruction count during playback.
recorder.playbackFileName string - "" Playback filename (empty string disables playback).
recorder.recordingFileName string - "" Recording filename (empty string disables recording).
recorder.recordingTimeBase int - 0x5F5E100 Timebase in 1/s (relative to the master clock (where 100000000 means 10 nanoseconds resolution simulated time for a 1Hz master clock)) for recording (higher values give higher time resolution, playback timebase is always taken from the playback file).
recorder.verbose int - 0x0 Enable verbose messages (1=normal, 2=even more).
trap_key int Valid ATKeyCode key valuea 74, 0x4Ab Trap key that works with left Ctrl key to toggle mouse display.
window_title string - "Fast Models - CLCD %cpu%" Window title (cpu_name replaces %cpu%).
a See the header file, %PVLIB_HOME%\components\KeyCode.h, for a list of ATKeyCode values. On Linux, use $PVLIB_HOME/components/KeyCode.h.

This is equivalent to the left Alt key, so pressing Left Alt and Left Ctrl simultaneously toggles the mouse display.

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