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4.4.13 DMC_400 component

This section describes the DMC_400 component.

DMC_400 - about

This LISA+ component is a model of the ARM® CoreLink™ DMC-400 Dynamic Memory Controller.

The configuration of this model, by setting the registers, does not generally affect accesses to main memory.

DMC_400 - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-47 DMC_400 ports

Name Protocol Type Description
apb_interface PVBus Slave Slave bus interface for register access
axi_if_in[4] PVBus Slave Slave bus for connecting to bus decoder
axi_if_out[4] PVBus Master Master to connect to DRAM

DMC_400 - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 4-48 DMC _400 parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
diagnostics int 0-4 0 Report diagnostics, with increasing detail as the setting increases
ECC_SUPPORT bool true/false true Error correction support (affects only reset values of some registers)
IF_CHIP0 int -1, 0 -1 0 if port axi_if_out[0] connects chip 0 to RAM, -1 if not
IF_CHIP1 int -1, 0 -1 0 if port axi_if_out[1] connects chip 1 to RAM, -1 if not
IF_CHIP2 int -1, 0 -1 0 if port axi_if_out[2] connects chip 2 to RAM, -1 if not
IF_CHIP3 int -1, 0 -1 0 if port axi_if_out[3] connects chip 3 to RAM, -1 if not
MEMORY_WIDTH int 16, 32, 64 32 Memory width
revision string r0p1, r1p0, r1p1, r1p2 r0p1 The revision modeled, reflected in the ID register value

DMC_400 - registers

This component provides the registers that the Technical Reference Manual (TRM) specifies.

This component has no timing information, so changing the values of the timing registers has no effect on behavior. The memory models do not attach to the component, and error checking does not update registers because the model does not include the possibility of errors.

DMC_400 - verification and testing

This component passes checks of the reset values for the registers against the TRM, as part of automated tests of a development system model.