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4.4.22 GIC500 component

This section describes the GIC500 component.

GIC500 - about

This LISA+ component is a model of r0p0 of the GIC-500 Generic Interrupt Controller (GIC) for distribution of interrupts.

This is a single-component implementation of the GICv3 architecture with support for 256 cores. You can configure the model to support a maximum of 32 clusters with eight cores per cluster. Use it with an ARMv8-A core to deliver interrupts. It supports a single Interrupt Translation Service for message-based interrupts. It supports the architectural features, but does not support the IMPLEMENTATION DEFINED features.

You must configure some parameters in order to use the GIC500 component. For example:

    gic500: GIC500(
        "num_clusters" = 2, 
        "cpus_per_cluster_0" = 4, 
        "cpus_per_cluster_1" = 4, 
        "reg-base" = 0x2c200000, 
        "SPI-count" = 256 

GIC500 - ports

This table describes the GIC500 ports.

Table 4-65 GIC500 ports

Name Protocol Type Description
cfgsdisable Signal Slave Disable some SPI signals.
cpu_active_n[8] Signal Slave cpu_active pins of cluster n. 0 <= n <= 31.
po_reset Signal Slave Power-on reset.
ppix_in_n[8] Signal Slave Private peripheral interrupts of cluster n. 0 <= n <= 31. 16 <= x <= 31.
pvbus_m PVBus Master Memory bus out: transactions generated by the IRI.
pvbus_s PVBus Slave Memory bus in: this interface accepts memory-mapped register accesses.
redistributor_m[256] GICv3Comms Master Input from and output to the core interface.
reset Signal Slave Reset.
spi_in[988] Signal Slave Shared peripheral interrupts.
wake_request_n[8] Signal Master Power management outputs of cluster n. 0 <= n <= 31.
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GIC500 - parameters

This table describes the GIC500 parameters.

Table 4-66 GIC500 parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
cpus_per_cluster_n int 1-8 1 Number of cores in cluster n. 0 <= n <=31.
has-two-security-states bool true, false true If true, has two security states.
ITS-count int 0-1 1 Number of ITS components.
ITS-device-bits int 3-20 16 Number of bits supported for ITS device IDs.
num_clusters int 1-32 1 Number of clusters.
PA_SIZE int 32-48 48 Number of valid bits in physical address.
reg-base uint64_t - 0x2c010000 GIC500 base address.
SPI-count int 0-960 224 Number of implemented SPIs.