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4.4.68 v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix component

This section describes the v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix component.

v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix - about

This C++ component is a model of a platform level Cross Trigger Matrix (CTM) for connection to the Cross Trigger Interface (CTI) ports provided on ARMv8 processors within Fast Models.

The combination of the CTI and the CTM provides an architectural model of the CoreSight embedded triggering system.

A single instance of the v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix component supports up to four clusters, each containing four cores. For example:

cluster0.cti[0] => v8ect.cti[0];
cluster0.cti[1] => v8ect.cti[1];
cluster0.cti[2] => v8ect.cti[2];
cluster0.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[3];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[12];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[13];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[14];
cluster4.cti[3] => v8ect.cti[15];

v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-171 v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix ports

Name Protocol Type Description
cti[0-15] v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_controlprotocol Slave Port for connection of CTI components in ARMv8 processor components.

v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 4-172 v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
has_CTIAUTHSTATUS bool true, false true Enables the CTIAUTHSTATUS register.
number-of-channels uint32_t 0x3-0x20, 3-32 0x4, 4 Number of channels in the CTM.

v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix - registers

The CTI gives access to the registers. There is no direct access.

v8EmbeddedCrossTrigger_Matrix - verification and testing

This component passes tests as part of the ARMv8 Architecture Verification Kit.