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Mali-V550 component

This section describes the ARM® Mali™-V550 component.

Mali-V550 - about

This C++ component is a model of the Mali™-V550 Video Processor.

Mali-V550 contains the following CADI targets:

  • V550

Mali-V550 is included in the ARM FVPs for Mobile Reference Data.

Mali-V550 - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-93 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
apb_s PVBus Slave Allows the application processor to access the video processor. Use for runtime configuration.
axi_m PVBus Master Enables the video processor to access system memory.
clk ClockSignal Slave Master clock input.
irq Signal Master Interrupt request from MVE to host processor.
reset Signal Slave Resets the video processor to a functional and passive state.

Mali-V550 - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 4-94 Parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
AXI_data_width uint32_t 3-4 4 AXI data width. Logarithmic byte notation.
ID_bits uint32_t 5-8 5 Number of bits considered for streamID.
ncores uint32_t 1-8 1 Number of processing units in the component.
omx_library_path string - "" Path to an OMX library, provided by you. Leave blank to use FFomaxIL.
supports_10bit bool true, false true Component supports 10-bit content decoding.
supports_AFBC bool true, false true Component supports AFBC.
supports_encoding bool true, false true Component supports encoding.
supports_Real bool true, false true Component supports RealVideo decoding.
supports_VP8 bool true, false true Component supports VP8.