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PVBus2AMBAPV component

This section describes the PVBus2AMBAPV component.

PVBus2AMBAPV - about

This component converts from PVBus to AMBAPV protocols.

This is a LISA+ component.

PVBus2AMBAPV - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-1 PVBus2AMBAPV ports

Name Protocol Type Description
pvbus_s PVBus Slave Handles incoming transactions from PVBus masters.
amba_pv_m AMBAPV Master Output master port for connection to top-level AMBAPV master port. Converted transactions are sent out through this port.

PVBus2AMBAPV - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 4-2 PVBus2AMBAPV parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
counters-file-name string - "" Prefix of the file name to store counters in at the end of a simulation.
dmi-container-type string "TZAttr", "FullAttr" "TZAttr" Type of the DMI cache.
dump-dmi-cache bool true, false false Dumps the content of the DMI cache into a file.
force-dmi-size bool true, false true Align DMI start and end addresses to 4kB. If true, DMI memory is faster, but DMI regions that are less than 4kB in size or not 4kB aligned are inaccessible.
global-monitor bool true, false false Enable built-in global monitor. This may be required if cache-state modeling is disabled in up-stream cores and the down-stream platform contains no global monitor.
min-range-to-cache int - 0x10000 Minimum DMI range size to cache in the bridge.
size uint64_t 0 to 264 - 1, where 0 represents 264 bytes, but must also be a multiple of 0x1000 (4KB) 0x1000000000000 Addressable size of the device in bytes.

PVBus2AMBAPV - debug features

DMI viewer provides the debugging functionality of the PVBus2AMBAPV bridge.

When activated, it dumps the content of the DMI cache in the bridge in the following CSV format:

Range start, Range end incl, Pointer, Latency, R/W, Attributes

To be able to activate this functionality, a name for the counters output file must be set, using the parameter counters-file-name. If the counters file name is set, when dump-dmi-cache is set to 1 during runtime the DMI cache of the bridge is dumped. The runtime parameter is always reset to 0 when the dump is done.

PVBus2AMBAPV - verification and testing

This component passes tests as part of the SystemC Export example systems.

These systems can be found in %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\SystemCExport. On Linux, look in the $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport directory.