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Clocking components - about

The clocking components and protocols provide a mechanism for systems to regulate the execution rate of components.

Clocking includes the concept of clock rates, dividers to change clock rates, and timers to generate callbacks based on those clock rates.

If the MasterClock component is instantiated in a system, it provides a consistent master clock rate. Although this rate is not defined, you can consider this to be 1Hz, even for non-SystemC systems. ClockDivider components are able to convert this clock rate into a new rate using a multiplier and divider, although the clock rate cannot be divided to be less than 1Hz. You can cascade ClockDivider components to produce many different clock rates within a system. The maximum ratio of any two clocks in the system must be less than 232.

ClockTimer components can be instantiated by a component and connected to any MasterClock or ClockDivider output. ClockTimers can generate callbacks after a given number of ticks of that clock. ClockTimers can invoke a behavior on the component to permit the component to perform work. The component can then request the ClockTimer to repeat its count.