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FlashLoader component

This section describes the FlashLoader component.

FlashLoader - about

This component complements the IntelStrataFlashJ3 component by providing a means to initialize the contents of up to four Flash components in sequence from a single host flash image file.

This is a LISA+ component.

FlashLoader - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-74 FlashLoader ports

Name Protocol Type Description
flash_device0 flash_device1 flash_device2 flash_device3 FlashLoaderPort Master Used to program a flash device

FlashLoader - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 4-75 FlashLoader parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
fname string - '(none)' File to load into flash. The default '(none)' means do not load any file. An empty string causes a warning.
fnameWrite string - '(none)' File to save into from flash. The default '(none)' means do not save any file. An empty string causes a warning.

FlashLoader - verification and testing

This component passes tests as part of the VE example system by using VE test suites and by booting operating systems.